Choosing a new pet can be a bit daunting, knowing a few basic breed characteristics can be a big help, over the next few blogs we will cover some popular breeds and characteristics to help with your choices. Starting with my favourite – The Yorkshire Terrier.

Remember “puppy breath”? I am sure that was the only time my dogs breath ever smelt good!

Bad breath can be an indication that something is not right with your pets, so pay attention to it, especially if you notice a sudden change.


This phenomenon is really tough on dog owners who have little ones that suffer from it, for me the feeling is like leaving your two year old at the crèche while he cries uncontrollably and hangs onto your leg. Upon your return the child minder tells you “oh, not to worry he was fine two minutes after you left” but you’re not buying it!!

This may sound like a silly topic of conversation, but dogs generally don’t like to be shown affection in the way that humans do. Most dogs don’t like to be hugged and kissed; they feel anxious and unable to run away.

Hugs and kisses are a major cause of facial bites, especially in children, since they show affection to dogs in the same way that they are taught to show affection to each other. Dogs do not naturally understand this, or even enjoy it.  Hugs and face-to-face contact can be very threatening to a dog.


We all love to take pictures of our pets, they are after all a very important part of our lives and valued members of our families.  We love to share their cuteness and unique personalities with the world, if you feel a bit obsessed, just one scroll down your Facebook page makes you realize that you are not alone in the quests to capture the perfect moment with your pets, we all love to do it.  If you ever wondered how you can make your pet pictures stand out a bit more…


Here are some tips to assist you with taking pictures of your pets:


Stuck for a name?

Naming your pets is great fun, especially if you have them in pairs or more. I always say it doesn’t matter what you call them it’s how you call them that counts, mine know exactly when they are in trouble and when they are getting treats!

There are some awesome themes for pet names; here are a few of my favourite ones:


While I really wanted the contents of the box to be an awesome surprise for both human and fur-children, I completely understand that you want to know what’s in the box before parting with your hard earned lolly.


So here it is, the answer to my most frequently asked question, What’s in the box:

As we approach the silly season, and with the arrival of Guy Fawkes – please, spare a thought for our fur-kids!

In February 2015 we adopted a gorgeous Rough Collie, now named Dawn. Until then I was completely oblivious to fireworks and how upsetting they are to our pets.

We all enjoy having the company of our loved ones with us on holiday – so why should we feel any differently about our pets. Travel with your pets can be very rewarding. It saves you the anxiety of what they are doing and whether they are being properly cared for. It also saves them the anxiety often felt when they are separated from their “pack”

Your pet’s safety, in the house as well as outside of it, should be a top priority. Here are tips on what you can do to make their environment as safe as possible.

1. Keep electrical cords out of sight

Puppies and kitties tend to chew on electrical cords, which can cause shocks or burns. Prevent injury by tucking away cords and encasing them in a cord organizer. To prevent another pet hazard—cats pulling lamps or other appliances down on themselves—try a single cord shortener.