Top tips for traveling with your dogs

We all enjoy having the company of our loved ones with us on holiday – so why should we feel any differently about our pets. Travel with your pets can be very rewarding. It saves you the anxiety of what they are doing and whether they are being properly cared for. It also saves them the anxiety often felt when they are separated from their “pack”

 My youngest yorkie Leia developed separation anxiety quite early on in life and while we are working to alleviate it I do opt to take them with on holiday where I can. Nothing beats watching the three of them making sand angels on the beach!


Here are a few of my own tips as well as a few professional snippets that I have come across on traveling with you pets. 

1.       Plan Plan Plan!

Proper planning takes a lot of the stress out of traveling with your pets, if possible know the route, check out stops, are they pet friendly? Take it from me; it’s a lot less stressful trying to get the little ones to do their business on a nice quite patch of grass as opposed to the side of a noisy freeway.


2.       Safety

Make sure your pets are safe in the vehicle, a crate is really good for this but does take a little effort, you can’t expect to put them in a crate for the very first time before a long journey, this will cause them much distress and possible loud and unruly behaviour that is bound to distract the driver. There are loads of harnesses, seatbelts and car hammocks available, shop around and find something that suits your needs.


3.       Exercise

Try to get some exercise in before the trip, this will help them to be a little less active, this is good especially at the start of the trip when excitement is high.


4.       Medication

The opinions are quite divided on this, I always take the advice of my veterinarian, he knows my dogs well and I trust him with this issue, one of our little girls gets quite car sick but has a heart condition and he always tries to make her comfortable without overdoing it, and it largely depends on the length of the trip.


5.       The Trip

Keep them calm during the trip. Don’t let them eat while traveling if possible, they are usually all a little prone to motion sickness, feed small treats when you stop and try to make the snacks high in protein. Stop regularly, allowing time for play or a small walk. Make sure they get water, not enough to make them full but enough so that they are not dehydrated.


6.       Arrival

When you get to your destination, take them for a long walk, introduce them to the new surroundings but be vigilant of things they could ingest.  It’s possible for them to be a little out-of-sorts, let them know that everything is under control, be assertive but calm when meeting new people and pets.


I hope that this has helped a little and makes the decision: “To take them” or “to leave them” a little easier.