What’s in the box?


While I really wanted the contents of the box to be an awesome surprise for both human and fur-children, I completely understand that you want to know what’s in the box before parting with your hard earned lolly.


So here it is, the answer to my most frequently asked question, What’s in the box:


·        Your hand-made toy, this is the first thing you will notice, the toys are made by various ladies for various reasons, some can only play bingo so many times a week, while others are able to supplement their incomes. These toys are themed, for Halloween we did some priceless little hats, cats, bats and pumpkins, closer to Christmas, we do stockings etc.

·        Your donation to the charities, This is one of the things you won’t see. An amount of no-less than, but sometimes more than R20-00 per box goes to our charities. These guys do such fantastic work and see such horrible things; I believe that this project helps restore a little faith in humanity!

·        Pamper Products, you will get one of the following:

PURL 500ml Shampoo

PURL 250ml De-tangling, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Show White or Hypo-allergenic Shampoo

PURL 200ml Fresh foam shampoo

PURL 200ml Freshness original spray

We also have a wonderful range of holistic products like Buchu Soap, so if you let us know that you have a problem skin we might be able to help with something from this range.

Should you not wash or groom your own pets, we will include something else like a new blanket or extra toys; there is no point in getting a product that you are not going to use, so answer the questions when ordering.

·        ROGZ Products, you will get one Rogz product, we have them all:


ROGZ Collar

ROGZ Harness

ROGZ Toy    


·        VONDIS Products, Vondis are a holistic food manufacturer their products are mostly ostrich based and are supper yummy – I have this on very good authority, my critics are tough! There are at least two of the following products in the box:


JENNY MORRIS Biscuits 200g

VONDIS Ostrich Neck 30g

VONDIS Large Ostrich Chews 120g                 

VONDIS Ostrich Chew Sticks 76g

VONDIS Ostrich Flats 90g

VONDIS Beef Biltong 100g

VONDIS Beef Droewors 100g

VONDIS Beef Flats 90g

VONDIS Beef Sticks 45g

Vondis Ostrich Marrows 300g                          

Vondis Ostrich Knuckle 300g


·        NANDOE Products, Nandoe, are also largely ostrich but the do a wonderful range of venison and chicken products too, their D’lights are an absolute winner and will generally always be in the box.  There will also be at least two of the following products in the box:


NANDOES D’lights

NANDOES Dried Ostrich Windpipes

NANDOES Dried Ostrich Sinews


NANDOES Dried bones – Giant, Knuckle or Wings




·         Other Goodies,  we would like to keep some of our goodies a secret, we have brands like Royal Canin, as well as other really tasty treats.