Capturing special moments with your pets


We all love to take pictures of our pets, they are after all a very important part of our lives and valued members of our families.  We love to share their cuteness and unique personalities with the world, if you feel a bit obsessed, just one scroll down your Facebook page makes you realize that you are not alone in the quests to capture the perfect moment with your pets, we all love to do it.  If you ever wondered how you can make your pet pictures stand out a bit more…


Here are some tips to assist you with taking pictures of your pets:




1.      Be ready…  You know your dog & cat, if you know that he/she does a certain cute trick every time… have your camera ready to capture it next time it happens.

2.      Be fast… Dogs and cat’s like children get bored quickly and there are a million things competing for their attention. Keep it short and sweet.

3.      Get on eye level with your pets… It makes a lovely picture, when you are on their perspective, instead of looking down at them.  Just always mind the back ground

4.      Up close and personal… Let the pet fill the picture, it makes for a very striking picture.  

5.      Don’t try to make your pet do something they don’t want to…  It has to be fun, otherwise they loose interest and it will just make you and your pet frustrated…

6.      Have a snack ready to reward them…  if you would like to take a portrait picture where they have to sit or lie down, have a snack ready for them to reward them for playing along.

7.      Enlist help… it works well if you get an assistant, who gets the pets attention, by making sounds, waving or talking to them, while the photographer focus on taking the pictures.

8.      Try not to use a flash… The light reflects in their eyes and if you take a couple of pictures in a row, they will just start closing their eyes in anticipation of the flash.  Avoid this by taking your pictures outside where there is good light, or in a bright room inside your house.

9.      Have fun…. A great way to get lovely pictures is to sit on the grass while your pets are playing and just snap away….you will have to delete quite a few pictures, but you will also be surprised at the gems you will get.

10.  Be Patient… Practice makes perfect.


We hope that these tips will help you, please share some of your special pictures with us here on the  My Pet Box Facebook page, we would love see them.


Big Big Thank You to Amanda Vernulen for this article and wonderful pictures