Puppies as Christmas gifts?

Here are a few Pros and Cons that you may not have considered when it comes to gifting someone a pet


Puppies grow into dogs; dogs are a life time commitment.

That cute puppy will need to be loved and taken care of for a very long time; this could be an unwanted commitment and quite a nasty surprise.


Pets are expensive.

Consider the on-going financial implications, not only the obvious food and “start-up” costs of kennels, bowls, blankets, toys, etc. There are annual vaccinations, boarding costs, quality food, grooming, all these can leave a huge hole in the budget, another nasty surprise!


Puppies are time consuming.

Within the first few weeks of arriving in their new home, puppies need time to adapt and learn the daily schedule and routine, just like children, puppies need boundaries and order in their lives. Over the holiday period may not be the right time to try to introduce this, since our routines over this period may be erratic.


Toys are for Christmas.

Giving a pet to a child for Christmas might be seen as a toy to discard when they tire of it.


Now, after all the negativity, getting a pet for Christmas could be just what is needed:


Consider a rescue.

Once you have weighed it all up and decided that it’s the right choice to have a pet for Christmas, spare a thought for the hundreds of animals waiting to be adopted, and seriously, there are hundreds, don’t just walk away at the first place you visit, there is a perfect fit everyone out there. Scour the web and Facebook.


Accessories make great gifts for others to buy.

Some of my family members are really difficult to buy for, once you have decided to gift a pet, let everyone else know and put your heads and wallets together to get all the essentials.


My Pet Box.

The gifts that keeps giving, you could give a “My Pet Box” subscription, check it out www.mypetbox.co.za added bonus – a portion of all sales goes to charity!!


I suppose after all is said and done, the most important consideration is the individual for whom you are getting the pet – consider this – if it were not Christmas would you still like to give them a pet as a present, if the answer is yes, it’s something they have wanted, are ready for and will embrace – then go for it!!