Smelly Doggy Breath

Remember “puppy breath”? I am sure that was the only time my dogs breath ever smelt good!

Bad breath can be an indication that something is not right with your pets, so pay attention to it, especially if you notice a sudden change.


Most cases of bad breath are caused by dental disease and tartar build-up. Check your dog’s mouth for inflamed gums and bad teeth, they could be in pain, speak to your vet about professional cleaning, it may seem a little costly but in the long run it is well worth having it done. The build-up can cause much bigger and more costly problems.

Look out for any of the following signs:

Does your dog seem to be in pain around the mouth area?
* Is there a reluctance to eat?
* Does your dog try to eat but drops the food once it gets into the mouth?
* Does your dog run to the food bowl eagerly then cannot eat?
* Is your dog pawing at the mouth?
* Is your dog drooling?  

These could be signs of a bad, broken or abscessed tooth or gum disease. If possible, check your dog's mouth for foreign bodies such as splinters of bones lodged between the teeth. Check to see if the gums look normal and that there are no signs of swelling or bleeding. An abscessed or damaged tooth may not be noticeable to you so if in doubt get your vet to check your dog's mouth. Look for brown staining on the teeth; this could be a sign of plaque build-up.

Sometimes the food (or garbage) a dog eats can affect its breath but usually this is not long lasting. After a couple of hours the food has passed through the stomach and into the intestines.

Some underlying conditions that cause canine bad breath can only be successfully diagnosed by your veterinarian.

As with most things, prevention is better than cure, brushing your dog’s teeth will definitely help, there are many tooth brushes and pastes available for your dogs – don’t use human toothpaste, these are not designed to be swallowed by dogs.

There are also a large variety of chews designed to clean your dog’s teeth.

Remember CHEWING IS IMPORTANT, pigs ears, large bones, biscuits, all these goodies that you will find in a PET BOX, check them out not only do they include a large variety of chew treats but also a ROGZ toy – these are all designed with your dog’s dental health in mind. As an added “feel-good” bonus a portion of all sales goes towards our charities that do such fantastic work in helping the animals in need.