Breed Characteristics – Rough Collie

The “Lassie dog” What a wonderful breed, and the movies are not wrong – they really are all that!

The rough Collies are incredibly gentle dogs.

They are well known for their undying loyalty and ability to know their owner’s needs.

They make wonderful family dogs, and are good with kids and other dogs.

Intelligence is high on their list of talents; this makes them easy to train.

They are also fairly sensitive and don’t like to be left alone.

Although they are generally not big barkers they will act out if they are bored, bear in mind that they are working dogs they must have stimulation.

The good- natured and friendly Collie can be suspicious of strangers, especially if they approach the children within her family, she will bark- but she is not aggressive by nature.

They make great watch dogs.

Grooming – Just looking at them tells the story here, regular brushing is a must. NEVER shave your Collie you will regret it and she will never be the same. I would suggest a professional service for grooming.

All in all the Collies make wonderful companions, they are a fairly easy dog to own, they fit in to almost any lifestyle, whether it’s a working farm or a family home, their wonderful nature makes them very easy to love and their affectionate ways mean that the love is always returned.